The Taiwan presidential election is not only seen as a vote of voters on the issue of “unification and independence”, but also as a choice between “pro-US” or “pro-China”. Since Tsai Ing-wen came to power, he has stepped up cooperation with the United States, while the Kuomintang has advocated easing relations with the other side. If Tsai Ing-wen is re-elected, will it be possible to promote Taiwan to become the United States’ alliance against China’s influence? Will the strengthening of US-Taiwan cooperation allow China to deepen hostility towards Taiwan and even use force?

Guests: Zeng Congkai, spokesperson of the United Nations Association for the Advancement of the United Nations in Taiwan; Zhou Zhijie, director of the Political Department of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan; Yang Jianli, founder of the human rights organization “Citizen Power”.PLEASE ALSO REFER TO:Trade agreement or not, Sino-US relations will only get worse?

Yang Jianli said that when Mr. Zhou talked about Bush Jr., it reminded people of many mistakes in the US policy toward China in the past 40 years, some of which were very serious. The US government and opposition are now reviewing this.

After Trump was elected, since the beginning of the trade war, reflections and countermeasures of China’s policies have entered various fields. Now the United States has entered a new direction, which is different from what Mr. Zhou just discussed. This direction is the new Cold War that many people talk about. Just now Mr. Zhouzhi talked about the mutual use of various parties at the strategic level. But Mr. Zhou must not forget why there is a trade conflict between China and the United States and why Europe and Canada still stand on the side of the United States under China’s vigorous wooing.

Don’t forget the “value” here. When we talk about the balance between China and the United States, we forget that “value” will suffer. Not only Taiwan will suffer, but the United States has suffered as a powerful country in the past 40 years. To counter the world’s largest dictatorship, Taiwan will bear the brunt of it. It must be the frontier. This is a historical role, and Taiwan cannot escape it. It is impossible for Taiwan to strike a balance.

In addition, I must remind Taiwan that before 1987, Taiwan had become the Four Little Dragons in Asia. The two sides of the strait only began to open up exchanges in 1987. At a time when the two sides of the strait are still in contact with each other, Taiwan’s economy has become the Four Little Dragons in Asia and is praised by the world. Why not today? Why do we have to rely on the CCP? That is just a myth, now is the time to break this myth.


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