Voting in Taiwan’s 2020 presidential and legislative elections has ended, and the entire voting process is considered orderly. However, there were also episodes. Taiwan’s Liberty Times reported on January 11 that a female voter in a polling station in Tainan City claimed to have cast the wrong presidential ballot and was frustrated that she had not received a new ballot, so she tore up the wrong vote.

After the election officials notified the local police station, the voter was taken away for questioning. According to relevant laws and regulations in Taiwan, deliberately tearing up the votes obtained will be fined between NT$5,000 and NT$50,000.

The English-language Taiwan News reported that similar incidents occurred in Miaoli County. The local police detained a middle-aged man, and all his three ballots were damaged. Yahoo News reported that another voter was detained at the scene after trying to take her ballot out of the polling station and will be questioned.


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