Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen defeated the Kuomintang opponent Han Yu and was re-elected with high votes. Tsai Ing-wen said that the election results show that when Taiwan’s sovereignty and democracy are threatened, the people of Taiwan will shout out their persistence even louder. Tsai Ing-wen also called on Beijing that only mutual respect and positive interaction between the two sides of the strait conform to the interests and expectations of each other’s people, and the result of this election is the clearest answer. Some analysts believe that the results of the Taiwan general election show that Taiwan and China have gradually drifted away, and more and more young people may no longer agree with China. Does this mean that the indigenous regime represented by the Democratic Progressive Party has established a firm foothold in Taiwan?

How to view the results of this election

Tsai Deliang: First of all, judging from a few occasions before the election, I can’t see that Tsai Ing-wen has so many enthusiasm and so many supporters. Compare the two sides, or compare it to when Ma Ying-jeou first elected the president eight or twelve years ago. He got 7.65 million votes. The enthusiasm of his supporters was fully displayed on the occasion of his campaign. This time, the supporters did not have such enthusiasm on the occasion before Tsai Ing-wen’s election. Most people wondered how she could get 8.67 million votes. This is a big question. From a certain point of view, this election is very atypical. General elections are about questioning or discussing policy issues, the current president’s way of governing, but now most of the media in Taiwan are questioning Han Guoyu’s personal affairs and luxury housing cases. It is very strange that the Xinzhuang Wang case, not reforms, power plants, air pollution, homosexuality or other policy issues. Another aspect is that the KMT’s election in 2018 was so good. Instead, everyone rushed to get ahead. They were not united. From the stage of the primary election to the final voting, they were still uncooperative and ununited. Guo Taiming and Wang Jinping were both behind. Legs, this is a very strange phenomenon. On the whole, these details are not things that usually happen, but judging from the results, this election was completed peacefully.

Yan Jianfa: We are analyzing the problem, the interaction between the structure and the action. From the structural point of view, Tsai Ing-wen is more favorable for this election. The main issues are the US-China confrontation and the Hong Kong anti-transmission issues. These give Tsai Ing-wen a comparative advantage. The next step is the action. The DPP has integrated very well. Everyone is like the chickens under the hens. They are all sheltered. The KMT seems to have many hens, but these hens are not harmonious, and the chickens must be selected. Side, this negates the possibility of mutual support. Let’s rewind and look at the pre-election. Assuming that Han Guoyu can stay in Kaohsiung and Kaohsiung has another strong candidate, it may be able to respond from the north to the south, or Tsai Ing-wen may play harder. Of course, these are all things. No one can coordinate. Hanguo Yu is such an atypical person, and it is difficult to stop him from coming out like this.

The reason for the defeat of the KMT

Cai Deliang: When the KMT cooperates, the power is completely different. To put it simply, this time the KMT’s election is completely messy, disrupted, and disrupted the means. Normally, the presidential candidate should cooperate with the people elected by the Regional Court. The Kuomintang itself did not cooperate with the presidential candidate this time. This time it was totally outrageous. On the contrary, the DPP went step by step according to the normal order. It was a normal election campaign. In addition, the so-called cyber army’s methods used to discredit and spread rumors. When this is not available before, although I was caught out, my feeling is that young people have been poisoned and they have taken the wind to other places. The Korean Wave in 2018 has been completely disrupted. This difference is very different. big. So there is no way to judge this time with the 2018 local election victory. It is completely the opposite.

Evaluate the blue and green strategies of this election

Cai Deliang: (10:39-11:50) First, the DPP’s primary elections are also alike. After the elections, they united and cooperated. In the end, Lai Qingde was used as the vice presidential candidate. The election of local legislators fully cooperates with him, and the administrative support of government departments is also very compatible. By comparison, can you say that he did not win? Moreover, he mainly leads the wind direction, so that everyone does not want to discuss which policy is wrong, which action is wrong, which policy should be continued, or the configuration of support, and the recent crashes have not been discussed. After pulling it apart, this movie was very successful, so I think the green camp can indeed be elected.

Yan Jianfa: The strategy is to follow the candidates, and the candidates did not have a complete discussion on the KMT’s policies, including one country, two systems, anti-send, or one China and each list. I feel that Hanguo Yu is not very familiar with it, or he has no confidence in his speech. Tsai Ing-wen has not only been the party chairman, but also the president. She talks about policies, ideas, and governing content. On the contrary, she sees clearly during the debate. Hanguo Yu’s remarks are very provocative, but very hollow, and he is also To make a mistake is to blame the questioner. These questioners come from different media, but now they are asking on behalf of the people, not the media, so this is where he made a mistake. Of course, iron fans should sound very comfortable, but non-ferrous fans may have a negative impression on him.

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