Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of China, made a four-point response to the results of Taiwan’s presidential election at a regular press conference on the 15th. First, adhere to the “1992 Consensus” that embodies the one-China principle is an unshakable foundation for peace and stability in cross-strait relations.

Second, the Taiwan independence separatist forces and their activities are the greatest threat to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and must be resolutely contained. Third, no one and no force can stop the trend of the times in the development of cross-strait relations. Fourth, the future of Taiwan lies in national reunification, which is determined by all Chinese people.

In his victory speech, President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan proposed to restart the benign interaction between the two sides of the strait with “peace, reciprocity, democracy, and dialogue.” In this regard, Ma Xiaoguang believes that shaking the mountain is easy, but shaking the 1992 consensus is difficult. Ma Xiaoguang also pointed out that since the DPP came to power, it has refused to recognize the 1992 consensus. This is the fundamental reason for the deterioration of cross-strait relations, the interruption of consultation and dialogue, and the more serious and complicated situation across the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen was re-elected a few days ago with an unprecedented high vote. She once said that China has already put the 1992 Consensus into one country with two systems, and the people of Taiwan absolutely cannot accept it.


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