Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Commission issued a written statement on the 13th, stating that the “Republic of China” is a sovereign country and Taiwan has never been part of the People’s Republic of China.

The MAC also said that the Chinese Communist Party should respect Taiwan’s democratic elections. This is the clearest and firmest answer to the Taiwanese people’s rejection of one country, two systems and the situation in the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese Foreign Minister must face reality internationally, stop deceiving himself, and give up as soon as possible. Taiwan’s negative thinking has returned to the right track of positive cross-strait interaction.

The statement also emphasized that the Taiwan government firmly defends the sovereignty of the Republic of China and Taiwan’s freedom and democracy, and is committed to maintaining the status quo of cross-strait peace and stability. The international community has also given support and affirmation.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during a visit to Africa a few days ago that one China is an international consensus and will not be changed by the results of Taiwan’s election. He also said that cross-strait reunification is a historical necessity.


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