On January 11, Taiwan held a general election. Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, who clearly rejected Beijing’s proposal of “one country, two systems”, was re-elected with a record number of votes. Taiwan’s main opposition Kuomintang presidential candidate Han Yu confessed to losing the election and congratulated Tsai Ing-wen on winning victory. At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party, which insists on implementing a one-party dictatorship, has shown a poor response to the election results in Taiwan.

As the results of Taiwan’s election became clear, the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda mouthpiece, Xinhua News Agency, issued a short message: “The election of the leader of the Taiwan region was held on the 11th. The candidate of the Chinese Kuomintang, Han Yu, who received the second most votes, admitted defeat in the evening. This means Tsai Ing-wen, the DPP candidate who won the first vote, was re-elected as leader of the Taiwan region.” A netizen on the Chinese Internet commented that the poor writer (“Xinhua News Agency) cannot distort the facts but also confuse readers The focus of the writing can be described as being cautious and cautious.”

When major news events occur, the CCP requires Chinese media to follow the Xinhua News Agency’s drafts and not make independent reports and comments without authorization. Xinhua News Agency published a “Xinhua News Agency reporter” comment on the results of Taiwan’s elections, with the headline: “Nothing can be done to cover up the sun-how should the results of Taiwan’s’general election’ be treated? The comment said:

“The result of an election is of course determined by many factors. For example, the internal friction of the blue camp is self-defeating. It can also be seen that the Western external political forces have openly intervened in the elections in Taiwan, in order to contain and contain mainland China and prevent the two sides of the strait from getting closer Dear, and support Tsai Ing-wen. For more than three years, especially in the past year, the US has continuously increased its efforts to play the’Taiwan card’. Tsai Ing-wen’s authorities have actively cooperated, relying on foreign countries to respect China, and promoted’relying on the United States against China’, including borrowing from Hong Kong. The situation is fanning the flames and misleading the people in Taiwan. Obviously, this election within the Taiwan region is largely controlled by external dark forces.”

Xinhua News Agency did not explain what the “Taiwan card” played by the United States was or what happened in Hong Kong. What situation is being used by Tsai Ing-wen, and why are the people of Taiwan being used in Hong Kong? General observers believe that the CCP’s increasingly blatant interference in Hong Kong has made the CCP’s commitment to the international community’s “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong exist in name only, and at the same time made its promise to Taiwan to implement “one country, two systems” completely lose its credibility and appeal to Taiwan voters. .

When the results of Taiwan’s election were announced, many Chinese netizens complained that the CCP authorities claimed to implement real democracy, that is, people’s democracy. However, mainland Chinese people must accept the CCP’s one-party dictatorship. The so-called “people’s representatives” make contact, and Taiwanese can hold free and fair elections on time to choose the leader of their choice. The CCP authorities and the media controlled by the authorities have remained silent on the complaints of the Chinese people.


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