The highly voted president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, received a delegation from Washington think tank “American Enterprise Research Institute” Democracy and Indo-Pacific Strategy on the 13th, saying that Taiwan is the first line of defense to protect the value of democracy. The anti-osmosis law passed recently will strengthen democratic defense. Mechanism, and hope to cooperate with countries with similar ideas.

Tsai Ing-wen also said that as a responsible member of the international community, Taiwan will continue to maintain stability across the Taiwan Strait, deepen cooperation with countries in the region, and work together to promote regional prosperity and development.

Speaking of U.S.-Taiwan relations, Tsai Ing-wen pointed out that with joint efforts in the past three years, the relationship between the two sides has reached the best level ever. She also said that last year, well-known international companies in the United States also expanded their investment in Taiwan. She believes that Taiwan-U.S. bilateral trade will be signed. The agreement will drive each other’s economic growth.

As one of the visitors came from Australia, Tsai Ing-wen specifically mentioned that Australia was experiencing wild forest fires during this period. Taiwan deeply regrets and is willing to provide any assistance needed.


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