W. Brent Christensen, Director of the American Association in Taiwan, stated in Taipei on Friday (January 17) that the theme of AIT in 2020 is “True Friends, Real Progress”.

Alluding to China “in the name of friendship, dominance and manipulation”

Li Yingjie delivered an opening speech at a public forum reviewing the 40th anniversary of AIT’s “Taiwan Relations Act”, saying that the concept of “true friends, true progress” may sound simple, but “it should not be ignored in the current context. The significance of this.”

He said: “Some countries will dominate and manipulate in the name of friendship. They claim reciprocity, but they are extorting them. Marketing overseas is not a solution, but a troublesome problem.”

Li Yingjie said that in contrast, the friendship between the United States and Taiwan over the past 40 years is in sharp contrast. He said: “What we use to define our own interests is not just money symbols, or whether interests are consistent with today’s global trends and opinions. On the contrary, the United States and Taiwan are sincerely investing in each other, hoping to see each other succeed and create A common future. This is the so-called’true friend, true progress’.”

The United States and Taiwan will also promote the so-called “Talent Recycling Alliance Program” in 2020, and strive to promote talent exchanges and talent training between Taiwan, the United States and countries with similar ideas, and establish a network of talents.

He bluntly pointed to China: “Compared with China’s attempt to dig out Taiwanese talents, what the United States is doing is to help Taiwan’s labor force become more international in the digital age through the circulation of talents.”

Breaking through limitations, the United States continues to assist Taiwan in expanding multilateral diplomatic space

Li Yingjie revealed that the United States and Taiwan will break through the various restrictions in Taiwan’s diplomatic space in 2020. Under the US-Taiwan “Global Cooperation and Training Framework”, a record-breaking 11 workshops will be held. The tripartite partner Japan is co-hosted, and a fourth partner will also take turns to join the ranks. For example, the first workshop on sustainable materials management this year will be co-hosted by the Netherlands.

In addition, the United States and Taiwan plan to hold workshops outside the United States and Taiwan, including “Taiwan’s diplomatic relations.” Li Yingjie did not disclose which of Taiwan’s diplomatic countries it is.

Tsai Ing-wen: Taiwan-U.S. relations upgrade to global partners

Li Yingjie congratulated Taiwan on its successful general election last Saturday. He echoed the words of congratulations from US Secretary of State Pompeo to President Tsai Ing-wen, saying that Taiwan should set an outstanding example for other countries that pursue democracy, prosperity and are committed to providing a better path for their people.

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan received Li Yingjie on the morning of January 12 immediately after winning the election. She said that on the basis of democracy and freedom, Taiwan and the United States have continuously deepened cooperation in areas such as security, economy, and shared value, and each other has upgraded from a bilateral partnership to a “global partnership.”

In addition, in response to the issue of fake news and the “net army” during the election, Tang Feng, a number of Taiwan’s political affairs commissioner, told VOA at this forum on Friday that the United States and Taiwan will continue to cooperate.

Tang Feng said: “In February, there will be a’Tech Challenge’ event to combine the Indo-Pacific region and the world, social scientists who are interested in cyber misinformation and cyber military issues. Investigative reporters, by studying specific and actual data before and after the election in Taiwan, find out how to achieve the goal of discussing the matter in the future.”


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